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Quick Ways of Cleaning a Green Swimming Pool

To own a swimming pool is pretty and easier but to maintain it and keep it clean and healthy is not that easy. No one can deny the importance of a healthy and hygienic swimming pool for an enjoyable and everlasting experience of swimming. So looking after your green swimming pool regularly and cleaning it is pretty needed and important. How to clean a green swimming pool is all you should know, today.

Clearing Swimming Pool

Your swimming pool must have crystal clear clean water all the time. But during a routine inspection, you may be able to notice a little algae growth or slightly cloudy water. This increases over time.

Hopefully, this write-up will help you see, evaluate and manage swimming pools’ cleanliness issues regarding their greenery, cloudiness and fix them in the future as and when the need arises. 

Let us have a quick look at how to clean a green swimming pool:

Everyday Cleanliness

The simplest yet superb way to enjoy a crystal clear pool is to take care of it on a daily basis. It will hardly take your ten minutes. Check out if there are any signs of algae growth or cloudy water. Sweeping away the algae growth is the next step. Try to net out leaves and insects should also be part of your daily inspection. 


Checking the chlorine levels in the water of the swimming pool and making adjustments according to the need is also necessary to keep it healthy for use.

Take Use of Skimmer Net

Checking the skimmer net every morning is believed to be a hygienic practice and removing any collected vegetation or dead insects is often suggested.

The problem of the little cloudy water of the pool is treated by backwashing a sand filter for a few minutes. The next day it will look so clean.

Adjustments in pH level

Checking the pH level of the pool is another important practice in order to maintain and keep the pool water safe for swimming. It is also done to ensure that all the chemicals that you are using are in proper order and in the prescribed quantity. 

The pH level ranging from 7.2 to 7.6 is highly recommended and appreciated. If your pool pH reading doesn’t match this range then you need a readjustment in order to make it function properly.

Other ways of cleaning

There are certainly other ideas and suggestions that can also enable you to make your green pool clear in a few selected steps, especially when you return after a week or two and the daily maintenance procedure didn’t take place in between the time. 

Try Bubble Wrap

In such scenes, summer ‘bubble wrap’ may cover your pool which is most conducive for the growth of algae. Net out the debris that is visible within the swimming pool. Cleaning out your skimmers and putting in fresh nets is the next thing to do.

Pump and Filter Method

After the chlorine shock, you must remove the debris. When the shock process is over, use the vacuum method. You can either do it by equipment or simply acquire robotic methods. In any case, remove the impurities and debris. The pump and filter method is most popular in this regard. Do this in the repeated cycle a few times. Then, see the changes. You will find crystal clear water and would love to get inside the pool.

Regular and Continuous Maintenance

Now, you must stick to the regular and continuous maintenance routine of the swimming pool. Then, only you will get a clean pool for a long duration. Have a Happy Swimming. Love your pool. It is all clear now and no more green.

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