Some of the brain games that improve your intelligence quotient

Nowadays many brain games are developed by the game developer to increase the intelligence quotient of your brain games. Brain games really work amazingly and it keeps our brain engaged and gives fun mode. Brain games are an all-time favorite for all game hunters and give thrilling will leads a virtual world and take you some smart world apart from the real.

Here some of the games are shortlisted to optimize your intelligent quotient level better.

The first and foremost brain hunting games is Elevate 

Elevate is the best brain trainer 

It is one of the all-time favorite games for all game lovers. it has a vast range of games that come underpinned by the actual world app. There are much welfare is inbuilt in these games. if you pick these games you can optimize your speaking skills, processing your brain faster than the actual speed. It imitates school tutors. Because it trains our brain in all segments like listening, speaking, writing, reading, and math. It can offer anyone skills per day.

Each day it has five training sessions to optimize our brain skills. it helps to improve the sum calculation, learning grammar, and its errors. it provides the best listening skills it is easy to access and no constraints to access. it is unlimited to play. We can choose offline or airplane mode when we deficit for the network. it can support the players via

The peak is the mini-brain trainer 

The peak is the bunch of mini-games it increases memory power, mental agility, solution finding, vision, and lingual .it is one of the best visual games. The peak is the visual display games compare to other games.for example sudoku-Esque is the visual puzzle. It is considered as the emotional trainer. It provides the top skills to our brain. Scientists in the Cambridge University report that there is much welfare is included in these peak games  

Lumosity sharp our brain 

Lumosity is one of the incredible brain sharpens and shines the mental strength. Neuroscientists, game developers, and psychologists are designed in these kinds of games. The main intent of this game developers is information process, spatial orientation, and working memory. It leads to attention, speed, elasticity, and problem solving to makes fun overloaded and good interaction.

Recently it injects the mindfulness category that is a meditation session for game hunter’s breath and attention.


 It is one of the long before games which has a billion-dollar app market. Tetris adds spices like new modes or version. You can play with other players. Research proves that around 60% of teenage girls broadened their cerebral cortex and increases their efficiency of the brain        

Above all the brain games provide superpower to our brain and good mental support. But you should have constraints while playing. In spite of the benefits of brain games, it causes perils to our brain while viewing the on-screen so long.